Winter 2022 festivals

Winter 2022 Kids Talent Show

This fall / winter season I was involved in number of local community productions as a teacher, music advisor, performer and facilitator. One of them is 3rd semi annual Winter Talent show by local non-profit organization The Place To Play . The event featured young musicians, dancers and vocalists from local community performing their best acts in non – competitive, friendly atmosphere.

Piano Performance by Anya.
Performance by Sandro Eristavi and his students : guitar / ukulele and vocals.

I was very happy to work with the local theater studio “Green Lamp” , theatrical director Tamara Krasovskaya, performing songs with young actors and actresses during group performances.

Performance at club ZUS on 3/6/2010

Recently , going through my recordings, i have came across one of my earliest performances with Alik Alabin. It was recorded at club ZUS in Long Island   ( New York ) on March 6th , 2010. At the time, i did not know how to play guitar and was excited to have Alik playing such beautiful , sophisticated harmonies for the songs we both loved. I never heard the names of Elis Regina, Maria Creuza ,Gal Costa and many more until after Alik generously downloaded 64GB of Brazilian Music on my computer. I feel very grateful for all the influence, education and support I received from the start. 

new new video

Do not have $100 but have 100 friends ! That’s the old saying…

Just finished my new video with the help of my new talanted friend – Svetlana Gukina. It was fun to shoot it and i hope it is fun to watch and listen to it.

P.S. No animals were hurt during the production or shooting of this video