Winter 2022 festivals

Winter 2022 Kids Talent Show

This fall / winter season I was involved in number of local community productions as a teacher, music advisor, performer and facilitator. One of them is 3rd semi annual Winter Talent show by local non-profit organization The Place To Play . The event featured young musicians, dancers and vocalists from local community performing their best acts in non – competitive, friendly atmosphere.

Piano Performance by Anya.
Performance by Sandro Eristavi and his students : guitar / ukulele and vocals.

I was very happy to work with the local theater studio “Green Lamp” , theatrical director Tamara Krasovskaya, performing songs with young actors and actresses during group performances.

Original Composition ” Theme for Katya”

This is an original composition called ” Theme for Katya”. It’s written for my younger sister who lives in Pennsylvania. I wrote it shortly after relocating to California from New York in 2011, missing my sister a lot. There is certain amount of nostalgia and sadness in the theme.  Beautiful, warm tone sound and improvisaion on the electric guitar by Sandro Eristavi. 

Playing with Sandro Eristavi

 This is our newest recording of the song “O Pato ” by Joao GIlberto. Playing percussions is a  multitalanted instrumentalist and a song writer , Sandro Eristavi. Together, we have prepared a very interesting program consisting of jazz ballads, swing tunes, hits from 70’s and of course, bossa novas and sambas. More videos are on its way. Check Sandro’s website for more information on his music and original compositions here

Performance at club ZUS on 3/6/2010

Recently , going through my recordings, i have came across one of my earliest performances with Alik Alabin. It was recorded at club ZUS in Long Island   ( New York ) on March 6th , 2010. At the time, i did not know how to play guitar and was excited to have Alik playing such beautiful , sophisticated harmonies for the songs we both loved. I never heard the names of Elis Regina, Maria Creuza ,Gal Costa and many more until after Alik generously downloaded 64GB of Brazilian Music on my computer. I feel very grateful for all the influence, education and support I received from the start. 

new new video

Do not have $100 but have 100 friends ! That’s the old saying…

Just finished my new video with the help of my new talanted friend – Svetlana Gukina. It was fun to shoot it and i hope it is fun to watch and listen to it.

P.S. No animals were hurt during the production or shooting of this video

My Music Site is “ON” welcome to freedownloaders

Finally, with a help of a good friend of mine, i have a music site where i will post all the songs i have recorded  or will create in the future.

I thank Rudy Carrera , for all the help with both websites ; special SPASIBO to my sister , Yekaterina for drawing the immage of a sea-woman , who swam from the Northern Seas…